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WidgetMe Beta 0.8

With WidgetMe you can stick your photo with animation effects anywhere on net
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Reallusion team has once again created magic out of their brain and ideas to support various media developers. The tool is called WidgetMe. WidgetMe can import different available templates which suites your need. WidgetMe allows users to amend the templates as per the needs as well. WidgetMe would allow users to add different buttons, layers and pages to make it as creative as possible. WidgetMe allows you to select your own images like JPG and GIF. WidgetMe also allows users to import sound files like MP3 and other formats. WidgetMe can also integrate with iClone and other products to create your kind of videos. WidgetMe might look bulky but it is very simple tool and can make a layman in to a creative multimedia developer profile. WidgetMe is compatible with Vista and XP however not available for Linux users or Mac users so far. WidgetMe might perform badly if you have a slower system. With extensive help provided by Reallusion team, WidgetMe becomes very good tool for even not technical users. WidgetMe team has also provided a recent release on 21st November 2008 with most of the bug fixed.

Manoj Goel
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  • Recent new build available
  • Free 2mb space for basic members
  • Works with vista
  • Import facility available


  • Not available for Mac
  • Slow with 512 ram at times
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